If you have a business or blog that would be helpful or encouraging to our readers, please consider advertising at the Children are a Blessing blog.

Primary Readers: Women, Mothers, Conservative Christians, Homemakers, Homeschoolers

Our Growing Audience (as of April 2016): Average 900+ views per day, Average 25,000+ views per month,  10,300+ Facebook Followers, 815 email subscribers, 200+ Pinterest followers, 185+ Instagram Followers

Advertising Options

125 x 125 Sidebar Ad: $10.00 per month or $25 for three months.  All sponsors will receive one facebook mention and three pins on Pinterest.

Single Guest Post:  $15.00, if I believe the post would be beneficial to the readers.  Please email submissions to, including any applicable pictures, links, etc.  I reserve all rights to either edit or deny submissions.

Giveaways/Reviews:  $25.00 plus item, if I believe the product would be beneficial to the readers.  Giveaways and reviews are an excellent way to gain exposure for your product.  Any product considered must be of use or helpful in some way to the readers here.  My honest opinion will be given during the review.  I will also include any information you would like our readers to have, including links to products, your facebook page, etc.   All reviews/giveaways will be posted within 30 days of receiving your product.

If you have any advertising questions, please email me (Nicole) at with “Advertising on Children are a Blessing” in the Subject Line.  Many blessings to you as you seek to grow your blog or business!




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