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Treasuring Our Children in a Materialistic World


Soft newborn skin sinks into my side as tiny fingers clasp my own.  My two-year-old wrinkles her nose as she Read More →

God’s Strength is Enough for Mothers


We recently brought our eighth child home from the hospital.  Sometimes this number is still mind boggling to me.  Do Read More →

Gospel-Centered Mothering


Earlier in the week, I lost it. While all of my children are magnificent creatures, each one has their own Read More →

Taking Care of Our Children is a Full Time Job


As soon as I stepped foot into our local Kid to Kid consignment store I heard her.  Sobs coupled with Read More →

Five Ways to Connect with Your Teenage Daughter


I am blessed to be the mother of not one, but two teenage daughters!  I heard all of the horror stories Read More →

Should We Teach Our Daughters to Love Themselves?


As mothers, we all have our parenting fails.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.   Sometimes these issues seemingly Read More →

31 Days of Rest Daily Devotional and Prayer Journal for Moms – Free Download!


The hustle of bustle of the holiday season is upon us!  My family and I do not celebrate Christmas in the Read More →

Learning to Accept Change as a Mother


In our backyard, a large crepe myrtle exploded into a thousand tiny fuchsia blooms during the summer.  Over the course of the Read More →

Finding Beauty in the Mundane


Does your life as a wife and mother ever feel, well…boring? Ladies, sometimes as a mom my life feels incredibly Read More →

How to Obtain the Desires of Our Heart


Almost a month ago, I had a really tough week.  A personal situation (outside of my family) went down that left me Read More →

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