Best Way To Organize Your Painters: Scrum

So you’ve got a painting business and things are going really well and you love being a painter. Click here to see an example.

So well in fact that you hired a few painters to help get some of these jobs off the backlog.

Only one small problem.

How do you manage painters?

Well today we’re going to look at what a painter does and how we can use that information to manage multiple painters on a team.

A painter needs to have plenty of room.

They need their tools.

So you don’t want a bunch of painters nearby eachother or else they’ll just slow eachother down.

So the first part of managing a team is to base how many painters you have per job based on the squarefootage that needs painting.

So a good rough number to start with is 100 square feet.

Basically, for every 100 square feet of painting add a painter.

If that’s not enough or too much adjust.

Rinse repeat til you hit your sweet spot.

You’ll know your in that sweet spot when things are running smoothly.

Scrum it up.

Scrum is basically a framework that you can use to manage your projects and people.

Essentially you have a backlog of paint jobs and multiple teams of painters.

Sort the backlog by date and assign from the top to each of your painter teams.

Scrum is just a framework which means you’ll have to come up with a methodology that your painting teams use to paint.

Basically, a painting methodology tells your teams how you want each paint job to go and how you want things painted.

This keeps all your teams producing the same way.

Scrum then says to have a retrospective.

This is where you get together with your painters and discuss what went well, what could improve, and what should be thrown out of the painting methodology.

After the painting retrospective is the painting review.

This is where you, your painting team and the customer look over the job and get feedback.

If there needs to be touch ups then you get them done.

So as you can see managing a painting team doesn’t have to be hard.

Until next time, keep painting!