What’s the best way for a painting company to build a successful team of painters?

Putting together a successful team of painters Pittsburgh is a lot like putting together a major sports team. The ones who continually win become fan favorites. In the painting industry the successful ones follow a blueprint.

A successful team, whether athletic or as painters are only as good as its individual members. All of whom will have degrees of expertise that fall within a spectrum.

The shrewd businessman will have a mix and match of painters who are outstanding in one area. It doesn’t necessarily have to be painting skill. Their value to the team could be simply physical. Maybe they’re youthful and so are adept at ascending higher structures. You can use this.

Perhaps a team member has a natural eloquence dealing with customers. The astute owner could use the employees’ gift-of-gab to handle minor onsite challenges. Winning teams are comprised of the teammates getting along. This is often overlooked.

But fact is, in the painting business workers will work together on projects in most cases. In sports terms we’ve all seen how one malcontent in the locker room can disrupt the atmosphere. Don’t let this happen on your team.

Sometimes during your pre-employment vetting process you will want to test for favorable personality traits. Let’s face it, human characteristics can be all over the board. The successful owner may allow for a little wiggle room in character for its team stars.

But must be willing to bring the hammer down when necessary. You’re sitting at the top for a reason, don’t forget that. Any over-the-top infractions and you must take action.

And sometimes this should be done during the pre-employment screening phase. It’s not personal, it’s just good business. A successful team will become your guys. You will know each members capabilities, temperament, as well as ambitions. And by reading this post you’ve learned how to manage all.