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Modest Momma – Denim Jacket + Free Printable


Today I’m sharing a simple outfit that I put together by piecing together old articles of clothing in my closet. Read More →

A Peek Into My (Modest) Closet – November 2015 – Video Included


Recently, I’ve had a few requests from ladies who would like to dress more modestly, but they haven’t the slightest Read More →

Kosher Casual Modest Clothing Survey


Photo from Hey guys!  I was recently contacted by Kosher Casual, which is a modest clothing company.  They asked Read More →

Why I Wear Skirts and Dresses – Modesty Part 2 Vlog


Hey y’all!  I recently recorded a short explanation of a Biblical reason as to why I usually wear skirts and Read More →

Modest Momma – Casual Gray


Today I am going to share another utterly simple outfit.  I pretty much live in denim skirts, since they are Read More →

Why Christian Women Should Dress Modestly Vlog


Today, I totally stepped out of my comfort zone and posted a vlog giving a short introduction about why Christian Read More →

Modest Momma – Blue and Gray


Hey y’all!  It has been awhile!  I will probably sit down at some time and take the time to write Read More →

Biblical Reasoning Behind Wearing Skirts and Dresses


About one year ago I shared about why my family chooses to wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively.  Those reasons were Read More →

Why I Write About Modesty


Every once and awhile, someone asks me why I write about modesty.  Or they might say, “Isn’t there something else Read More →

Modesty Standards and the Bible


Image Credit All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for Read More →

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